Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Newport Beach SEO Guy - Wild West Whitepaper

Search engine optimization agency in Newport Beach: Wild West Whitepaper

Below is a copy of a recent press release I put together. I made it this way deliberately, because I like to show my methods in action. In fact, it's a lot like the Wild West days of SEO! 

The press release itself could have looked more well put together. I could've listed my domain, but I haven't purchased one yet. I'm letting you know this, because it's possible to rank other web properties besides hosted web pages.

Press release

For immediate release

Contact person: Newport Beach SEO Guy

Company name: Newport Beach SEO Guy
Telephone number: (609) 635-8789
Email address: newportbeachseoguy@gmail.com

Website address: www.newportbeachseoguy.com

Search Engine Optimization Expert in Newport Beach, California

SEO is a $65 billion industry. With competition as cut throat as it is when it comes to delivering top organic search results for clients, affiliates, and ecommerce websites, it really pays now more than ever to have a core competence in SEO. Here’s why:

Free Traffic.

The Newport Beach SEO Guy is a 'one man gang' style agency providing search engine optimization services for his clients. And, he’s created an overwhelming advantage for you so, keep reading.

In fact, he’s so confident in his SEO ability that he’ll go so far as to give you a direct online analysis of your competitors. When he thought about why, he had this to say.

“I think it’s perfectly natural to provide valuable information upfront without expecting an immediate ROI. My goal for any free content is to show my core competence in SEO, and that frame is really helpful. I see a lot of marketers giving away very poor content. What does that imply? If I’m getting content that’s not valuable to me, I’m not going to place much value in who’s giving it to me. And vice versa.”

He went underground and kept a low profile for a bit to focus on creating the exclusive Newport Beach SEO Guy - Wild West Whitepaper just for you. And it’s here, now!  
Now, before you dig in know this:

The one advantage that any SEO agency can have over another is the ability to continually and deliberately seek to understand the current SEO landscape--what’s working now. Roberto has practically given you thousands of dollars for free. Seek to understand what he’s given you and create a feedback loop to solidify the methods. The Newport Beach SEO Guy knows you may not have all the time to implement his meta strategy for ranking. So, if you qualify, he offers his services to others.